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Whether you run a business that relies on email marketing or are an email marketer yourself, having verified and validated email addresses is a necessity you have to meet. So you must have spent hours wondering where to start… Worry No More! CorrectEmails is here to sort all your email list verification and validation issues with its real-time email verification service. Look no further, No credit card information, no subscription required just upload the email address to be verified & watch the magic unfold!

Why Do You Need An Email Verifier

With the technological developments such as marketing automation, email marketing can be executed quicker and more swiftly than before. For this the first requirement would be- Email addresses that are valid and accurate in order to avail the best results. Invalid and outdated email data can have a negative impact not only on the efficiency of marketing campaigns but also damage sender reputation and can cause blocking of your domain by the Email service provider. An accurate email verifier can sort all these issues and can help to make your email marketing significantly effective.


How Our Email Verifier Works

If you have been dealing with an email bounce rate that is affecting your campaign productivity then email validation and verification are top priority for you. Verify and validate your emails with our state-of-art real time email verifier by an easy 3-step process:

Features That Deliver Accuracy

Our Real-Time Email Verifier comes with unique highlight features such as:


We Guarantee

With the ever growing email database and email marketing becoming the most preferred method for business communication and marketing. Our Real-Time Email Verifier extends unparalleled benefits so that you run your marketing campaigns successfully and win revenue that contributes to the progress of your business. Our Email Verification service guarantees:

The verified & validated email addresses delivered by our email verifier assure high deliverability and minimal bounce rate.

Our verifier aids you in executing marketing campaigns that will earn your brand, loyal customers and will protect sender reputation effectively.

Win larger ROI by achieving a healthy email database with our email verifier and running personalized marketing campaigns that help establish brand reputation.

We assure complete security and discretion while working with your data. You can concentrate on acquiring better leads & deals and we will take care of all your data hassles.


star 2.7 billion Estimated number of email users by 2017(icontact) star More than 20% of marketing emails never make it to a subscriber’s inbox. That’s one in four emails! (Darwill) Just 56% of B2B organizations verify valid business leads before they are passed to Sales. (MarketingSherpa) star A bounce rate higher than 3-5% indicates that you need to verify your email lists. (Data Validation) star 50% Marketers who say the quality of their email database inhibits successful marketing. (Adestra) 3,489 Average size of an email database for companies with annual revenue between $1 million and $50 million (Radicati) star 49% Marketers who clean their email lists on a regular basis. (econsultancy) star 39% Companies that send emails to their entire list once per week (icontact)

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